Tara Biles is the main gal behind Glow Bridal. She'll be who you contact when you want to book with us, she's your Lead MUA, she could style your hair, she's basically going to turn into one of your best friends. Starting out in college, Tara was slowly getting deeper into the makeup world by tackling  formals, homecomings and proms to make some extra cash when she could. She's always loved making people feel beautiful, especially girls still in school because middle and high school can be tough. She loves spreading body positivity and all over confidence to each and every person that sits in her chair. In 2014, when she booked her first wedding, she was a little nervous. Being someone's wedding day makeup artist is HUGE. So, she researched and researched as much as she could. When that day finally came, she was ready. After that, the wedding business for her would become a big part in her life. With her wedding count being well over 300, Tara can confidently say that she will make whatever look you have envisioned come to life, all while enhancing your already naturally beautiful features! She's well prepared with any skin tone or type and has made the most natural of brides all the way to the Instaglam brides as happy as they can be! 

Kelsey Schroeder is THE GAL for all your hair needs. You've got a request, she'll make it happen. She's the reason Tara doesn't have a mental breakdown when she has to style hair. (seriously, Kelsey has taught her so much!) Kelsey can also dabble into makeup when we have a larger bridal party! Kelsey's story is amazing. We'd be here all day if we tried to tell you everything, so we'll give you the highlight reel. She married her high school sweetheart, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma, She beat it, She went to cosmetology school, she became a mama this year even when the doctor's told her it wouldn't happen. Her ability to connect with our clients is why she's an asset to this team. She's cried with cancer survivors getting married, she's been that light for women struggling with infertility. she just has a way of making people feel good from the inside and making them feel even better when they see the magic she creates on the outside. Without her, we wouldn't be who we are. So, bring on the braids, the updos, the beachy waves, she's ready for it!


Lauren Biles is our go to assistant for our bridal parties! She's the gal that preps your hair and gets it curled, applies your lip color, helps sanitize and clean our areas so we can maintain a healthy environment + takes your before and after photos!  So, you see her a lot during your special day. She keeps things in order and she's a great addition to our team. We couldn't survive without her!