Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning Tips.

Before my tanning appointment:

NO heavy consistency/heavily fragranced moisturizers. Stick with something lighter and fragrance free. 

My best advice is to moisturize after your shower the night before your appointment. 

Exfoliate your body. The night before, use a light exfoliant to get rid of any stubborn dead skin cells that could hold on to extra tanning solution during your appointment.

Shavers: come freshly shaven to your appointment.

Waxers: come recently waxed to your appointment.



At your appointment:

What you wear. We have disposable undies for you to wear during your spray tan, however we want the client to be comfortable. You may bring your own bra + undies, swim suit, bralette, etc. to be sprayed in. GA State board requires bottoms of some sort to be worn at all times, fully nude is not acceptable

What to wear after. If you're coming straight from work or school, I suggest packing a bag the night before. No Jeans, Leggings, Sports Bras, or anything form fitting/tight will beneficial to your tan. I recommend an oversized T-shirt and sweats, a maxi dress, a loose fitting bra. Also, bring a pair of flip flops!

Maintenance. Stay Moisturized, just stick to the same rules as "before your tan". Moisturizing will keep your tan from fading unevenly, and will increase the longevity of your tan.


Glow Beauty Studio uses Norvell Tanning Solution. This Bronze Based Tanner will not leave you orange for any of you that may be nervous about receiving a spray tan! Tara has done her research and completed her tanning certification through Norvell, which is one of the highest recommended tanning companies.




FULL BODY | $40.00